Wintry Mix 2011

Well, global warming strikes again ;) Brrr... it's cold in Alabama today, but nowhere near what the media made it out to be. I say that as if I have watched any media. We just cut off our cable for a while so I haven't actually seen any news, but according to my FB friends, the media made it out to be awful. People were running to the stores for supplies and all that. Thankfully, it's not too bad from what I can tell and we have electricity, so it's all good. I don't know why, but every time I say, "wintry mix," I crack up...that's so funny to me for some unknown reason. Wintry mix.

For me this weather was all about footie pajamas and my super cute rain boots. I tried for what seemed like eternity to get a cute picture of my boys together in their PJs but Christopher would not be still long enough and Corban just wasn't having it. I only got one of Christopher that wasn't a blur of motion or his backside

And here Corban is saying, "You stop it! Don't take my picture!" He was in time out just seconds after this, when Daddy swooped in. Sorry buddy!

Sidenote: Do you ever find yourself taking really cute pictures and then when you go back and look the only thing you notice is all the mess in the background? I didn't realize what a mess the living room was until this picture. Sorry...disregard. I promise it never looks like this. Only this one time. :)

Riley has no footie pajamas. I considered buying her some last week, but I thought better of it. This is my child that refuses to wear clothes, so full body coverage might send her over the edge. As we speak we are all fully clothed and she's playing happily in her Little Mermaid panties, pretending to be a "baby doggy named Baby Zeus" (from The Dog That Saved Christmas). I guess it's still okay that I say that she's in her panties...she's only four.

And I get to wear my super cute polka dotted rain boots...yay!

Well, like I said, we cut our cable off a few days ago, and there's a little thing called the BCS Championship game coming on tonight. So, I'm off to figure out how to hook my laptop up to the TV. Dave is pushing pills at Walmart today so I've got to figure this out for myself. I might just be watching it on my tiny screen...bleh. If anybody has an s-video cable I can run from my computer to the TV, holla! I'll trek out into the icy wintry mix to pick it up :)


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