Here! I brought you some worms!

Sometimes God speaks to us through the simplest things in life.

This afternoon we were sitting outside enjoying the beautiful weather. I was reading while Corban played with a neighbor and Christopher was digging in the dirt. Christopher ran over to me and said "Hee-yah! You can have these worms! Here's some water. Give them a drink if they look thirsty." A minute later, "I brought you another one!"

He was so excited to share his find with me. And I was happy to receive it. Worms aren't my favorite but they delight him and that makes his gift special, because he was sharing something he enjoys with me. His heart was open.

I think God feels the same way toward us. Some days I feel like all I have to give amounts to worms. But when that's all I have and I give it, it counts for something. When I share things that I'm excited about, that delight my heart, I think it delights His heart. When I do things I enjoy, when I laugh at ridiculous things, when I make silly videos that probably embarrass my family, I think He gets a kick out of it. I know it can be difficult to think of God in this way, but I've come to believe it's true.

Even as adults we should never lose our childlike innocence, the desire to share our happy moments, to believe He wants to listen. We're just overgrown children after all.

And He is our Daddy.