Glory of a Woman

I was just thinking about Summer. I'm stuck in bed today - had a hysterectomy yesterday (yay) - wishing I could be at the hospital in Birmingham. I'd just like to see her face. Anyway, I don't think my brain is functioning at full capacity, so I will get to it. As I was laying here I remembered that I wrote a "poem" about Summer* (in quotes because I don't know that it really qualifies as poetry), shortly after she was diagnosed with cancer. Just thought I'd repost it. And remember, I'm not a poet ;). Please continue praying for her and her family!!

The Glory of a Woman

The glory of a woman isn't her hair
It's not the way she adorns her body
It isn't seen in the way she keeps her home
Thank God
Or in her perfection
For even the best-intentioned fall short

It isn't defined by what she has
Not husband, not children, not career

The glory of a woman is in something not seen
It's a peaceful and quiet soul
It's a heart awakened to her purpose
A heart unafraid to feel
Unafraid to give and receive
Who accepts the way she's been made
And who loves freely

It's most clearly seen
In the faces of the ones she loves
And believes in
As their smiles reflect she's been there

Her heart reflects the One she serves
The One who created her
The One who loves her
And called her
And fills her.

God, make me a woman like this.