What's My Motivation?

What's my motivation? That's the basic question of an actor, right? At least that's kind of the joke. It makes sense though. If I were dropped into some kind of improv thing, the main thing I would want to know is what's my motivation...what's my goal here? Then I would know how to act. The things I would say if I were trying to move people emotionally would be far different than what I would do or say if I was trying to cause laughter. So, it would be essential to know what outcome I was looking for...what's my motivation?

The same is true of my Christian life. John Piper has me thinking on that very question and is helping me piece together some things I've been thinking on for a while. What is at the bottom of my joy? When I boil everything down, what do I really want? Is my goal to glorify God? Again, to glorify God is to give an accurate representation of who He is...to honor Him rightly and to reflect Him accurately. That's all that will really count.

I have so much more to say on that, but no time right now. I really think I am in the middle of a major shift and am just trying to process through some of it.

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