Tomorrow's Another Day

All I can say right now is thank God it's bed time...for the kids anyway. We had a great day today until about 6:00. That seems to be about the time my sweet baby girl is just done for the day, and the whining and irritability begins. Well, actually, that's when the whining exponentially increases. It goes on all day between the three little kids. And tonight I was not at my best, either, and did not handle her as I should have. All the crying and whining got the best of me and I just didn't respond well. It could have been worse, I didn't resort to physical violence, although I told Jesus I needed help or else I might. My words were too harsh and my tone wasn't patient and I am sorry for that.

But, I am reminded that His mercy is new every morning. This behavior doesn't characterize my every day, and she will come out in the morning when she wakes up, smiling and ready for a hug. And we will start over. New day. Yay.

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