Nose Rings and Mug Shots

My motto in life for the last several months has been this: "There is power in confession." I may have blogged about that in a previous post...can't remember. If I haven't then I should. I'm not really writing about that here, though, it's just a lead-in :) I was reading Amanda's blog - http://babybangs.blogspot.com/ - and thought it would be fun to share some confessions and then ask you to share one, too. These aren't anything serious - it's not wise to share certain things in a public space...know what I'm saying? Here we go:
  • I secretly wish I could get a teeny tiny cute little diamond nose ring. But, a.) I'm too old, b.) I'm not cool enough to pull it off and c.) I'd probably change my mind immediately because I would worry that I looked like a "heathern" and have a third hole in my nose (if you have a nose ring, I don't think you look like a "heathern")
  • I have a dream that one day I will be the voice of some cartoon character, like Dory, in Finding Nemo, for a Disney movie.
  • When I'm alone at home, or in the car, I talk to myself and sing in wierd voices just to keep myself entertained. Sometimes I skip (not in the car).
  • I wish I had a big old truck with huge mud tires to drive just for fun.
  • I HATE having my picture taken because I always look awful. And I secretly wonder if it's really that I always look that way!
  • I once had my driver's license suspended because I forgot to pay a ticket.
  • I wish I was on staff at my church. I don't know what I would do, though. I'm not exactly bursting with skills.
  • I want to write a book. But, about what, I don't know, yet.
  • This one was originally in the post, but I deleted it. Now I'm adding it back, since I'm no longer in an official leadership position at any church anywhere ;) There once existed, in a file, on a desk in a sheriffs office, a beautiful mugshot of my face...little sign with the numbers and all. I got caught sharing a beer with an under-aged friend, in college...17 years ago...long time ago...and had to get booked. Photo, fingerprints, the works. Oh yeah, and they showed up at my parents' house at 6am with an arrest warrant. Rude. My dad drove me down to get booked. He made me ride in the back of the sherriff's car. It was an amazing experience. Very strange. 
Okay, your turn. Seriously...let's hear it.


  1. My maiden middle name was Murfee, but through 4th and 5th grade, I HATED it. So, at Camp Marannok one summer I had them call me Sarah Marie (after all, as soon as I was old enough that is what I was going to change it to - I could keep all my monogrammed stuff. HA!) My sister STILL makes fun of me for that.

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  3. **Had to modify my previous comment
    Hence the "P" instead of an "M"..that was a no-brainer, huh? I always hated my middle name...and last name actually (no offense to the parental units :). It was Ashley Leigh Roper. People joked that my dad stuttered. I didn't love Roper either, because of Mr. Roper on Three's Company. At least it wasn't "Furley."

  4. And p.s. I'm with you on the nose ring thing. I almost got one pre-Jack, but Jason was adamantly opposed.

  5. Ok~I'm just going to say that ALL of the above it true. Be glad that you don't have to live with a nose-ring wanting, Dory-speaking, weird-voice-talking, mud-tire-driving(in her dreams), self-picture-hating, mug-shot-taking(which she has failed to explain), wanna be church working, idk book writing gal like this;) JUST KIDDING!! She makes my life interesting:)


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