Favorite Things

One of the sweetest things to me is putting Christopher, our fourth and last baby, to bed. If you've got kids, I'm sure you can relate - well, maybe, if you've got one that doesn't mind bedtimes. Out of the four kids he's been the only one to ever suck his thumb and I just think it is so precious. We'll talk again in a few years and I'll let you know if I still think it's precious. He only does it at bedtime and only in the presence of his blanket. Our routine is to go into his room, turn off the light, turn on the sound machine and then I hand him his blanket...and the thumb goes into his mouth. The next part is what I love. As soon as he gets hold of his thumb he lays his head on my shoulder, and it stays there - for about 4.5 seconds, then he pops his head up and looks me in the eye, smiles and says, "dadadadadadada," which by the way, is NOT "Daddy". Just saying. I say it back to him and then his head crashes back down on my shoulder, for another few seconds and he pops back up - "dadadadada," and so on until he is finally ready to lay down and he leans toward his bed. I lay him down and he looks at me with such a sweet little smile, thumb in mouth, clutching his blanket. And that's it. I love it and am thinking about how this won't last much longer. He's growing up. I will cherish these sweet baby moments.

What are the moments you cherish?


  1. Cherished moments? Going through the carwash with a five year old little Ashley, and, everytime, you hiding your face till the big rolling brush went over the car. "Hide your eyes and it'll be all right - I'll tell you when it's gone". Trust.

  2. I remember that...it was SCARY! Seems like we went through it after church. And I also remember going into the A&P after church and getting candy. Don't know if it was just once or a regular thing.


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