Yesterday I started working on a sandbox for Riley's birthday...the girl LOVES a sandbox! So, I spent about an hour yesterday breaking up clay and rocks under our deck trying to clear and level a spot for this thing. I think I'm almost finished with that part, but my back is saying, "please don't do that to me, again!" We'll see. This morning I am off to order a birthday cake and buy the wood and some galvanized screws...and I suppose at some point I'll have to get some sand delivered...hmmmm. Well, one thing is sure, I will not be buying it by the bag at Home Depot...it would only cost about 8 times as much. Except, I will have to have it delivered and that probably won't be cheap, either. Just thinking out loud here.

Maybe while I'm outside working anyway, I can finally finish that picnic table I started back in the spring. That's the only thing standing between me and painting my kitchen (per Dave)...something about having unfinished projects?

Anyway, I will post pics of whatever comes to be...

UPDATE: After checking, it's not really 8 times as much. Just twice as much, so we will looking for a truck to borrow to pick it up.

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