Purple Cow

It's been a while since I posted...I had a really active week or two of posting and then fizzled out. Oh well, that's pretty typical...BUT you know what? I just might be a purple cow...that might be part of my purple-cow-ness. Our Pastor, Brandon, talked tonight about being a purple cow (about standing out) and that we really need to embrace the way God made us, quirks and all (I added the quirk part, but I think he would say, yes, quirks, too). I needed to hear that for lots of reasons. I am about to lead a LIFE small group, but I don't really feel leader-like...I have my own style that's different from others who lead really well and I really don't like being in charge (I think it's probably the expectations I don't like). Then there's the whole "Big Momma" thing (she's my alter ego :). I sometimes wonder and have asked God, who is going to take me seriously when it seems like all I am able to do is act like a total dork? It's either that or I look like a wall-flower because I don't do especially well with people I don't know. Off stage, out of costume I am pretty shy, on stage, and in costume, I'm a goober...who could expect a whole lot of depth from that combination? At home we have issues because I am not so much a detail person. Out-of-sight-out-of-mind is the way I operate. I can easily forget that load of laundry I washed 2 days ago that probably smells atrocious...or the pile of cheerios one of the kids spilled in the car...or to deal with the receipts I am supposed to put by the computer so we can keep up with our spending. All that is par for the course with me...but what also underlies that is a gifting God has given me. I have come to see that being a "free spirit" is just part of who I am. I need to learn to train myself to pay more attention to detail, yes, but I will not any longer be down on myself for who I am. It has purpose. I am a free-spirited, dorky, quiet at times, loud at others, leader...and I like it...I AM A PURPLE COW!!!!


  1. Ashley Pittman!!! I LOVE YOU...JUST THE WAY YOU ARE!~ And always have! You are UNIQUE..just like you are supposed to be, cause that is just how GOD made you! And that Big Momma...she is a "PURPLE class act"...but you DO need to work on those "front things" we talked about last night to go along with that "back thing". LOL Us "old women in our 60s" have to stick together, ya know! And keep up the image! You GO, Girl!

  2. In case you don't know...Lifestreamsflow1 is me..Sandy B. I forgot to identify myself on the last comment! Er...should I say, PURPLE Sandy B., Age 63!!! LOL

  3. Thank you Sandy! I love you, too! And I really hope nobody else thought those "front things" might just be mine :0


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