Paybacks are...well, you know

I had to write this down, lest I ever forget...not that I could! Tonight Caeley, Corban and I were all in my bedroom. It was bedtime and Riley was brushing her teeth in her bathroom while Corban was finishing off the last of his juice, before having his teeth brushed. I walked into my bathrom for a minute when suddenly I heard Corban whining. Now, that's not all that unusual, but I heard Riley's voice so I went to check out the situation. Often when Riley is around and Corban is crying, she has done something to hurt, aggravate or otherwise instigate some kind of trouble and frustration with him. When I walked into the room he was laying on the floor crying and saying, "yucky...yucky!" I picked him up and asked what was wrong, and Caeley said, "Riley put soap on Corban's toothbrush." "What? Are you sure?" So I licked it myself and sure enough..."yucky!"

So many thoughts went through my mind all at once. What an awful thing to do! That's pretty sadistic. Where did she get that idea from? She's only 4 (almost). It is a little bit funny in a way. If this had happened outside my own family I would have laughed. This is going to be funny...later. Don't laugh right now...don't smile...look away, you're smiling.

So finally I said to Riley, "that was not nice and it was NOT funny." She said, "yes it was...he he he!" I told her to stay put and I went to take care of Corban. When we got to the bathroom, he was mad at the soap dispenser so he knocked it on the floor and said "No!" I brushed his teeth with real toothpaste and gave him some water.

He was all better so I went to talk to Dave about disciplining Riley. My initial thought was that she needed a spanking...and he agreed and was horrified that she would do such a thing. I have been asking God to give me wisdom with this whole discipline thing, because honestly the kids have been wearing me out lately. Right at this very moment He came through with a genius idea...we should put soap on Riley's toothbrush! Riley would not get a spanking after all, but rather she would get a taste of her own medicine. Dave went and loaded her toothbrush with just enough hand soap while I went and got her. We just told her it was time to get her teeth brushed and that even though she had already brushed them, an adult needed to finish it. We told Caeley to get the camera (now we were being a little sadistic). He calmly sat Riley in his lap and said, "that was pretty funny, what you did to Corban, huh?" She smiled and laughed. The brushing began, she was still smiling...then suddenly it hit her...the expression on her face changed and she started foaming and spitting...and whining and crying, just like Corban, only much louder...it was awesome! Dave could not keep from laughing and neither could Caeley and I. He brushed a little bit more, then he let her spit and rinse it all out. Don't worry she was fine and recovered quickly. "Isn't it funny Riley?" No answer, just a poked out lip.

Don't think we are sick people, but sometimes one for one "retribution" works...and speaks louder than a little pop on the behind. This was priceless and we'll be watching the video to this for years to come.

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