Trouble That Brings Revival?

I had a thought today...a question, really.

Are the things we are seeing in our country a result of prayers offered up by the church for revival? Is the growth of our government, the pressing in on our freedom, the things that make us nervous for the future, an unexpected answer to that prayer? 

How many of us can point to a time of trouble in our personal lives as the thing that turned our hearts toward God? Why not on a larger scale?

If historically and currently we can see clearly that the church grows exponentially under persecution, and if we live in a nation with a complacent and shrinking church, then should we expect anything less?

Should we not only expect it, but maybe even welcome it? Yeah, I'm not sure about that one, either. But maybe?

Should we forget that even when God sent judgment to His people in the past that He did so with a heart to draw them back, because that's what it often takes?

When He said nothing shall snatch you from My hand, do we expect Him to let us go quietly? Would that be loving? What does the grasp of God look like to a people who have said, "I am Yours," but then turn to run the other way?

Perhaps revival is a double-edged sword, bringing both pain and renewal. I don't know, but I think maybe so.

Trouble that brings revival is a gift from The Lord (not that I'm pumped about, or invite, trouble in my personal life or on a national level...felt like I needed to say that. I do not like it :)

Just a thought...not a statement of fact. But worth consideration. 


  1. The biggest widespread revivals have come in times of significant trouble . We had a short time of revival after 9/11.....but even that didn't last long. I'm afraid to think what might have to happen for a true revival....just look at the state of our country now.

    The harvest is ripe but the workers are few. Let the workers arise and prepare the way for the harvest of souls for the Lord and work to save our country from all the evil assaulting us as a nation.

  2. I forgot to sign......Mom


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