This is what I saw when I looked up at the sky after the service for Summer. I turned to Lori and pointed out the huge cross shape to her. She reminded me that Summer's friend Elliot, who died of ovarian cancer in May, used to always take pictures of crosses in the sky. It was her "thing." You better believe I think God put that there for us. Or maybe Summer and Elliot did. Who knows ;)

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  1. Ashley, In addition to all the Kempfers, I have been thinking of and praying for you and Lori this week. You two were such steadfast, faithful friends to Summer and her family and a witness for what a Christ-like, servants heart looks like to the world. I know you are in pain over the loss of her physical presence while you rejoice in the assurance that she is fully healed in the presence of our Savior...and we'll see her again...laughing and sharing through Eternity. Today, tears may make you feel better. Take time to cry. Thinking you lots of hugs and continuing to pray as you walk through this loss.
    Much love,


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