More Riley-isms

More Riley-isms - I have to keep up with this stuff ;)

Does God eat the food in my tummy or smoothies or what? "Why?" I ask. Well, He lives in my tummy and there's food in there.

Do bees burp?

I don't want Baby to be a daddy one day, because I love Christopher. I want him to stay a baby.

I wish you got two chips for being mean. It's hard to be nice! (re: the poker chip reward system)

I love my baby moth...let's give him a hug and kiss!

Yes, I am in charge!

I am in charge of baby.

Mom, Corban is not obeying meeeeeee!

Mom, you are not obeying meeeeeee!

Daddy is a lifetime thinker. He's always thinking about things, so he's a lifetime thinker.

I wish I had a Smurf (which sounds more like Smurp).I don't have any pets and I want a Smurf.

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