Look Who's Talking

These are some of Baby's favorite words right now (this would be Christopher, but he gets called Baby more often than not):

The Words With Translation

Kickee - Cookie

Cuck - Truck

Cuck - Cup (context clues are essential around here)

Coocoocle - Motorcycle

Bite - Bite

Bite - Bike

Bup - Bus

Moooowa - More

Peeeeeee - Please (in the sweetest voice ever)

Poon - Spoon

Poon (while pointing at the cabinet) - I want peanut butter on a spoon

Baw - Ball

Ba - Bottle (yes, he still drinks milk from a bottle)

Therthy - Thirsty

Caycake - Pancake

Yeahhhh - Yeah, yes, okay, yes I want some of that, sounds great

MaMA - Mama (emphasizing the second syllable)

Nite nite - His blanket

Thzzzzzzz - Cheese

Thzz it - Cheez-Its

Yayee - Stroller ride...no idea why

Yayee - Caeley

Da-yee - Daddy

You see a theme? Most are food related, no surprise. The boy loves to eat.

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