The Artist

I am a piece of rock
Marble to be exact
Freshly drawn up
Out of the dirt

The Artist stands back and waits

When the time is right
He blows across the surface
Wipes away the dirt
And sets to work

He sees inside of me
What He intends to bring forth 

The Artist chips me away
Carefully chisels 
(I do not like the chisel)
He removes what does not belong

The Artist steps back and waits

Again He approaches
Blows across the surface
Wipes away the dust
And sets to work

More chiseling
(I still do not like the chisel)
But I begin to see a glimpse
Of something taking shape,
Of what He's trying to bring forth

The Artist steps back and looks
And smiles
And waits

On and on it goes -
The chiseling, the blowing,
The wiping away of dirt and dust

He removes the bits of me
That do not belong

I thought some of those bits were rather nice.
What was wrong with that one over there? 
I feel exposed

And, the waiting
Why the long waiting?
Will it ever end?
What is He trying to bring forth?

But, the smiling -
That I like. It reassures.
He must see a glimpse now
Of what it is He intends to bring forth

Finally He steps back and looks 
Only a few minor adjustments remain 

The Artist now has a twinkle in His eye
He steps back and waits

When the time is right 
Carefully and lovingly
He sands away the final remains 
Of what does not belong

The artist steps back
And smiles
(I think I see a tear)

He calls for His friends
To come and see what has been wrought
From this piece of rock
Once rough and covered with dirt

It now stands in completion
In perfection

It's what He always intended to bring forth
It's what He saw inside all along:

I'm pure white marble, made in the image of His Son.

I am perfect.

I am clean.

I am amazed.

And it was worth the pain.

This is not my normal flow, y'all and I really can't even believe I'm putting this out there. I started writing this, mentally, yesterday morning. Interestingly, last night someone shared Isaiah 51:1, which I don't recall seeing before. I'm sure I've read it and glossed over it before, but given what I was "writing," it caught my attention. Though it's written to Israel, the entire chapter encouraged my heart, specifically.

Isaiah 51:1 says, "Listen to me, you who pursue godliness, who seek the Lord! Look at the rock from which you were chiseled, at the quarry from which you were dug!" (Isaiah 51:1 NET)


  1. This is beautiful...!! I love it!!! It's what He sees in all of us...as He chisels away all the "debris "...til we reflect Jesus! Mom :-)

  2. This is SO, SO, beautiful! Thank you! - Donna Parker

  3. This is SO beautiful! I know it is hard to put yourself out there sometimes, but I am so glad you did! This is an amazing word picture of our Lord and those who love Him.


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