Here's Where I Talk About the Thing I Haven't Been Talking About

We are moving.

To Kansas City.

Many of you know that already because you've heard it from me or Dave or my parents. Or by word of mouth. I've heard some comical inaccuracies and concerns from those who've heard it from the rumor mill instead of from us directly. But that's okay.

I've put off talking about it here because there are people I need to talk to in person. Since I've had a lot of people ask me about it, I decided to go ahead. Forgive me if you're in the "I deserve a face-to-face conversation" category. I'm running out of time!

The short and sweet of it is, Dave will be transferring to another Walmart pharmacy and we are moving to Kansas City sometime in late January. We feel that this is what we are supposed to do at this time in our lives. We may not be there forever, but we don't know. Honestly, I envision it as a temporary thing, but, again, we'll see.

We've known it was coming for several months, but with everything going on with our friend, Summer, we decided to put it off for a little while. It was important to me to be here. I haven't talked about the move much, outside of a few people, because it's been a lot to process mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Now I'm at a place where I feel like it's going to be a fun adventure!

And it's approaching fast! My friend, Lori, and I went for a visit a couple of weeks ago (and had so much fun) and I think we have found a great house to rent while we decide where exactly we want to purchase and where we want the kids to go to school.

I'll probably talk about some specifics later and as we get there and get settled. I believe God is going to use this time in our lives in a big way.

That's the gist of the situation. If you have any questions, I would be happy to answer on an individual basis, as I have time. I'm currently knee-deep in kids and boxes, so bear with me if I am slow :)


  1. So proud, happy and sad - all at the same time! xoxo

  2. I am so excited for you and your family Ashley. I have so many wonderful memories in Kansas City. It is a really neat place...And you are going to love being so close to IHOP! :)


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