Secret Admirerer

Neat title huh? Well that's me! I am Ashley's super secret admirerer! She is like omg super dooper oober amazing and a great person! She loves everybody she meets, amnd loves Jesus. She has an awesome sense of style (I mustve rubbed off on her) and shares all her stuff with me! You should totes tell her how amazing she is next time you see her cause its sooooooooooo true! I dont even know why on earth she deals with me, but she still does! The Urchin Chronicles are a cool story anbout a certain little urchins life, and, if i do say so myself, is a hawwwtt name for a blog! Soo yeah. Cool story bro. ttyl dudes(and dudettes) <3 :) ;) :D :P :*

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  1. I think that "ooper" and "totes" gave it away Caeley.... hahha


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