First World Problems

Over the last few weeks I started taking note of the ridiculous things we, in our household, get bent out of shape over. So, here is my top 10 list of Pittman First World Problems:

10. The static electricity in this place is making my freshly ground coffee fly all over the countertop. Now I have to clean it up. Gah.

9. NETFLIX is not working. I'm so frustrated!

8. The tag on my new scarf from Urban Outfitters is sticking out. Why do they sew tags on scarves, anyway?! Gah.

7. My caramel latte is NOT sweet enough. I thought I told her I liked something sweet. Or, similarly, this latte is too sweet! I cannot drink this.

6. These apples do not have skins on them. I want skins on my apple slices. I am NOT eating these! <grunt

5. Cooking food makes such a huge mess. Can everybody just stop eating?

4. We have too much food in this house.

3. My 3G hasn't been working for the last 30 seconds. What is the problem?! What. A. Piece. Of garbage!

2. OMG. Since we moved to Kansas I actually have to scroll down in the drop down box when I'm entering my address info into a website. I used to be first on the list. What a pain.

1. The Velcro in my North Face jacket keeps snagging my new scarf from Urban Outfitters. Velcro is from the devil!

Feel free to share yours. I'd love to hear what ridiculous thing is ruining your life today ;)

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  1. Take a deep breath....and go take a nap! Mom :)


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